. . . An immigrant community plagued with gangs, incest, abuse and poverty, is lifted from despair when Rosie Goldberg Sanchez opens a small grocery store in their neighborhood and decides to teach English in the back room. But first she has to fight her way past gang leader Chicory Ayala.
. . . A stabbing in a Bronx bar brings four unlikely people together for a trip across country during which they find out about each other and gain insight into their own fears, frustrations and dreams.
. . . A group of characters who, despite cultural, educational and economic disparity, find a way into each others’ hearts as they overcome prejudice and move toward friendship and love.


Hortencia is a trip. Anyone who “loves her husband to death” because he snores, gets my respect. What a hoot!


From the first page to the last, ROSIE is a “feel good” read peppered with hilarious dialogue. . . . An exciting ride from a bar in the Bronx to a ghetto in Los Angeles. What a page turner . . . kept me up until 2:00 a.m.


Kudos on the sex scenes: Whew! It gave me goose bumps; I knew I had to read the next sentence . . . and the next paragraph, and the next chapter.


An expose on the ramifications of sexual abuse. A testimonial to the determination of the spirit to rise above the grinding wheels of poverty, prejudice and fear.


A potpourri of inter-relationships; a triumph of determination to overcome fear and prejudice in an environment rife with abuse and poverty.










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    1. Excerpt from ROSIE’S GRINGO PALACE: [Conversation with Rosie and her brother Joey who is dying].
      Joey continued. “Several years ago I made a killing in the stock market. When the stock reached a certain point, I pulled out and put the money in an interest-bearing CD. And that’s where it’s been this past ten years.”
      “You mean all these years, instead of worrying about the price of smoked salmon, I could have been buying caviar?” Rosie smiled. “Joey, your little devil, just how much money are we talking about? Enough to buy a good bottle of wine – or Ripple?”
      ” A lot. Just open the file drawer and look for a brown folder under … ” he left off and blinked his eyes shut. “I forgot where I filed it.”
      Rosie said, “If it’s somewhere in the file cabinet we may have to hire a search team.”
      “Okay, okay, give me a minute. Look under ‘I’ for Investment maybe.
      “There’s no brown folder under ‘I.’
      “Okay, look under R for Rosie, T for Trust, M for Money, and S for Stock.”
      “You’re sure the folder is brown? Your eyesight, among other things,hasn’t been so good lately,” Rosie said. Several minutes went by.
      “I know, I know,” he shouted. “It’s under B. That’s where it is, under ‘B.’
      “Why would it be filed under ‘B?’ Rosie asked.
      “For Bonanza. ‘B’ for Bonanza,” he whooped.

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  2. A good book can be as comforting as a warm blanket, a strong cup of coffee with Bailey’s Irish Cream, a picnic on the beach, a midnight cruise with someone you love, or a joust-about with your grand kids. What do you like about a good book? Want a good book? Try ROSIE’S GRINGO PALACE.

  3. Did you know that ROSIE’S GRINGO PALACE was banned two summers ago in Lake Tahoe? I thought, Gee, I’m finally in the same league with Steinbeck, Henry Miller, and all the other “guys” who write about real life – abuse, gangs, murder, sex…you know, all the stuff that keeps you turning the pages. Anyway, a very conservative woman took umbrage with the “F” word and had my book lecture cancelled. How can you write a book about the Bronx and not use the “F” word? You tell me! Yes, my friends, censorship lives on. Get your Halloween swords out and slay the book banners.

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